The SpeakLifeToday Podcast

The Great God of Heaven and Earth convinced me long ago about the importance of choosing our words carefully. He said to me that His word would not return to Him in vain or void. You can find this in Isaiah 55:11. He also mentioned to me that because I am his son that my words wouldn’t either. This is what has inspired The SpeakLifeToday Podcast. Join us for our weekly podcast to hear the words of life, that will change your life forever and for the better.

Missional Statement

At SpeakLifeToday our mission is to use the World Wide Web/Internet for good and not for evil. It is to honor and glorify the Great God of Heaven and Earth by lifting up the name of Jesus Christ as Lord of lords and King of kings. And to take part in the great commission given to all believers, and that is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to every tongue and nation: To preach the acceptable year of the Lord that those that are bound may be made free.  

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