The Prayer of Restoration and Renewal-SLT Podcast Episode 014

The Prayer of Restoration and Renewal-SLT Podcast Episode 014
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The Prayer of Restoration and Renewal-SLT Podcast Episode 014

Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Welcome to this episode of the Speak Life Today Podcast. On this episode of The Speak Life Today Podcast. I would like to share with you an outline of a prayer. And I also believe that from this point on if you add this to your prayer life you will begin to see some changes in your life for the better. Now I don’t take credit for the way this prayer has been formulated or structured. But, I do know that God will hear you if you pray it from the heart. So with that being said… Here we go.

Heavenly Father, Right now I thank you, Lord, for loving me and dying on the Cross for me.

 Thank you that my old man has been crucified with Christ and that I am now a new creature in Christ.” By faith, Lord, I choose to believe what you have told me about myself as your child in your Word.”‘ Thank you that I am totally forgiven; thank you that I am accepted in the beloved; thank you that you have called me with a high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I reject all thoughts of hopelessness, fear, worthlessness, or condemnation. I accept only the truth about myself as your child.’


Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you will never leave me, nor forsake me.’ Lord Jesus, I know that you live in me and want to express your life through me. Therefore, right now, I choose to surrender to your Lordship and authority in my life,'”‘ and I present my body to you, as a living sacrifice, which I know is holy and acceptable to you- I command Satan and all of his demons to leave my presence right now in the-the mighty name of Jesus.*


 Please fill me with your Holy Spirit’ and guide me by your Word. Help me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind from day to day.*”‘ Please protect my –heart and mind today” so I can be free to love and serve you.* Lord, I confess that without you I can do nothing. Yet, I know I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.*” Therefore, I place all my trust in you and your finished work and not in my own strength or resources.*”‘ Lord Jesus, I want to thank you by faith for hearing and answering this prayer.*” I know all these promises are mine as your child* and I thank you that I can claim them by faith regardless of my circumstances or feelings. I love you, Lord Jesus. ln the strong and mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

Bless the name and person of Jesus. If you would like a copy of this prayer, visit the website at  and you can download a copy or you can print out a copy from the web page. Well, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ that’s gonna do it for this episode of The Speak Life Today Podcast, and I truly count it a blessing that you would allow me to share the love of our Lord Jesus with you. So, until the next time, always remember Proverbs 18:21 Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Lord willing, I’ll talk to you soon, God bless you, and Speak Life Today!

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